Sal Sciandra's Saturday Night Special on YouTube

Saturday Night Special is a weekly chat show I do on my YouTube Channel where I pair a conversation between myself and a guest with a video of my inking or coloring a drawing. The guests change week after week as do the drawings. Saturday Night Special allows me to feature an interesting discussion while highlighting what I do as an artist. Visit my YouTube Channel to watch and subscribe.

Episode 005

I chat with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Dave Szprygada, about fighting, Catholicism, and modern art.

Episode 004

I chat with Staff Attorney for the Center for Elder Law & Justice, Brad Loliger. We discuss law as it relates to the elderly, social distancing, and community theater.

Episode 003

I chat with Yoga Instructor & Movement Artist, Liz Czapski, about the mind/body connection, wellness, and the importance of community.

Episode 002

I chat with Film Critic & DJ, Nick Muldoon, about movie distribution, music curation, and post-coronvirus public life.

Episode 001

I chat with Semi-Professional Singer, John Clayton, about the mechanics of singing, Spider-Man, and karaoke.