MeCAF recap

This past Sunday I was part of the Maine Comics Art Festival (MeCAF) in Portland. I had a great time at the event and thought it was wonderfully run. The people I met were unfailingly nice and immensely talented. I was happy to have met Kazimir Lee, Hannah Blumenreich, and Lauren Pettapiece.

I picked up some wonderful books and managed to take in some of the sites including an eerily foggy bike ride along the Atlantic Coast. Check out some photos from my weekend (including my stop to Cooperstown, NY) below.

Table time.
image (1)
Behind the scenes.
image (2)
Locks and links in Portland, ME.
Low tide, Portland, ME.
East Coast, Portland, ME.
Oldest house in Cooperstown, NY.
Off Main Street, Cooperstown, NY.
Lake Front Park, Cooperstown, NY.

MeCAF – 5.17.2015 Portland, ME

Hi there. I’ll be at the Maine Comics Art Festival (MeCAF) Sunday, May 17th. I’m very excited to be visiting New England again as I’ve only been twice before (once to Burlington, VT and once to Boston, MA during this January’s blizzard).

At any rate, I’ll be there this Spring so please stop by if you’re in the area. More information can be found HERE.


A brand new start

Hey everyone, I’ve finally managed to start a proper website. I think the overall result will be a better site that’s far easier to navigate. I’m going to try my best to migrate the old posts from my blogger site to this one.

I implore you to please check back often and explore the features that come with the page. 🙂